A team of dedicated and efficient employees

Every day, we connect you to millions of sellers, products and buyers in a segregated and clutter free environment that helps you decide easy. Tvsky Shoppers has alots of product like Air Sofa, Hair Instyler, Facial Saina System, Derma Set, Leg Massager etc.

TVSKYSHOPPERS gives you complete online shopping experience, where you just have to choose the product online, and you will get the product at your door steps within 3-4 working days with free shipping, isn’t amazing?????
TVSKYSHOPPERS help people connect better & making the whole experience of buying easier for you.
When the decision is made, buying automatically follows.
Who are we?
We are the people bringing you smiles.
How did we do it?
A team of dedicated and efficient employees (from here on will be referred to as TVSKYSHOPPERS TEAM) strive all day long to get nothing but the best out of availability.
what do we do?
We sell with a difference. Talk sales, operations, technology or marketing, China Garden Furnitures our combined expertise is under lined by a solid foundation of research and insight which helps us deliver the be.1 online shopping portal, It will gives you lots of variety to fulfil your daily needs.
Started by 2 visionaries, TVSKYSHOPPERS is today has grown to a number that only honestly, integration and passion towards what you do can bring. Users should feel secure while submitting the information to our company because all the information will remain secure and confidential within the company’s server. TVSKYSHOPPERS WAS launched in MARCH 2009, TVSKYSHOPPERS has grown to become one of India’s largest comparison based social shopping portal. TVSKYSHOPPERS collect the information from the users like- name, email address, phone numbers etc.
TVSKYSHOPPERS is the India’s no. A one-stop destination for shoppers, merchants and market enthusiasts, that binds buyers and sellers in a lucrative network.